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CO₂ Sensor for Fixed Monitor Ax60+

Ax60+ Datasheet

The Ax60+ CO2 sensor is connected by quick connect cable to the Ax60+ Central Unit and is set by default to trigger a low-level alarm at 1.5% CO2, an evacuation alarm at 3% CO2 and a Time-Weighted Average (TWA) alarm of 0.5% CO2 measured over eight hours. 

These Alarm set-points can be customized by the user using the Central Unit display to comply with their individual jurisdictional requirements or regional legislation. If you would like more information on the latest regulations and codes surrounding gas detection and workplace exposure limits, please visit our Regulations and Guidance page.

CO2 Monitoring recommend the CO2 sensor to be installed at approximately 450mm/18inches above the floor as CO2 is heavier than air and will collect at low levels.

Also recommended is an area of 80m³ can be monitored per sensor installed, unless your risk assessment or local regulations state otherwise.

15m of cable is supplied with this Sensor unit with 2m fitted as standard. You will also need the Sensor Protector Kit to ensure your Sensor Unit is protected in the environment where it's installed at all times.

Please note you must have an Ax60+ Central Unit and alarm for this sensor to operate, it will not work on its own

We recommend that you place a warning sign next to the sensor to explain what the danger is. You can download and print one here.

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