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Fixed CO₂ Detector Full System

Wall-mounted CO Detector

Ax60+ Bundle

The Ax60+ Bundle contains a Central Display Unit, one CO2 Sensor and one Blue Alarm Strobe and a Sensor Protector kit, everything you need to protect your facility from dangerous COgas leaks.

The Central Display Unit displays gas levels and can be programmed by the user to alarm and sound at customizable set-points specific to their requirements. The system also displays a Time Weighted Average (TWA) level, monitoring an 8 hour period.

This Ax60+ Bundle comes with one COsensor, but you can attach up to four of any combination of CO2 or O2 (other three sensors sold separately).

We recommend that you:

  • always carry out a full risk assessment for your specific facility
  • have one Sensor per 80m³ area
  • install one Alarm Unit per sensor, unless able to install another Alarm on the wall outside the room where the risk is to pre-warn of a leak
  • the Central Display Unit should be installed away from the risk area in a managers office, or operation room.

The Ax60+ is recommended for coperational areas where employees are working and cleaning tanks to alarm of any dangerous build up of CO2 in breweries, micro breweries,and wineries.

We recommend you place warning signs alongside the CO2 sensor, Alarm and the Central Display Unit, you can download and print these here.

More information on the Ax60+

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